New York Gov. Kathy Hochul argued that crime data show that blue states were safer and that voter panic regarding the crime was caused by a GOP “conspiracy.”

MSNBC host Al Sharpton during his Sunday show expressed how surprised he was about voters’ perception that the Democrats took a softer approach to crime. He also said that gun violence was a key problem and that Republicans were “distorting” the issue.

Hochul agreed with this assessment and said that Republicans were “master manipulators” who had actively been working on convincing voters that Democratic states were crime-ridden.

She also added that this is an American-wide conspiracy and that the data do not back up the claims that Republicans have been making. As the governor said in her state all the data were pointing towards a decrease in crime. In New York City shootings and murders were down by 15 percent. Similarly in Long Island, they were down by 20 percent.

She also said that the GOP was weaponizing crime when in reality it was gun control that was a key issue. She also noted that Democratic states were statistically safer to live in.

In New York City subways there has been a wide increase in homicides, which have now reached their highest rate in 25 years. Voters have also acknowledged that crime is a key concern they are considering in this midterm election.

New York is one of the blue areas where the Republican candidates have been gaining momentum. This has caused many to fear that the Democrats might lose there.