April 18, 2021

Europeans are Abandoning Ship

France and Germany have been making war on each other for centuries but today they have a common threat that is uniting them. Citizens from both countries are fleeing the violence and crime brought by the migrant crisis.

People from all walks of life are moving out of France. Receptionists, financial advisors, and surveyors see no relief from the new multiracial France. They all oppose the “the Islamization of France” which is proceeding rapidly and degrading their society.

A 20-minute film called Hungary: the Promised Land interviewed one young father who said he and his wife moved with their two children from France to Hungary three years earlier to rediscover “our values.”

The expat professional driver said, “Our traditions are better respected, and even a change in mentality” in their new home. He cited drugs and national security as driving forces behind the family’s voluntarily relocation.

Uncontrolled mass migration is not working out well in France. It is a touchy subject that gets no press in the United States. Even talking about it is “xenophobic” and “racist,” according to many on the left. Still, the situation is so hot that the pot is about to boil over.

Even though many migrants are genuine political refugees who intend to integrate and adopt their host country’s culture, the actively violent Muslim minority (a very small percentage of the total group) are the few rotten apples spoiling the whole barrel. The outrageous behavior shown on independent videos gets published while law-abiding immigrants are seldom profiled.

French President Emmanuel Macron wants “a better quality of immigrants from North Africa” to help solve the problem.

If only it were that easy.

There are really two challenges facing France: first, how to deal with the newly arrived migrant populations; and second, how to prevent additional undesirables from entering the country.

Last year, France processed 100,000 new asylum claims. Macron is trying to solve the migrant crisis in his country – no-go zones, gang violence, and destruction of public property – by separating economic migrants from refugees fleeing persecution. The first group should not be allowed entry while the second group will be allowed to stay.

Conservative French journalist Eric Zammour laid the blame for all of the civil upheaval in France on Muslim communities.

His remarks do not sit well with the liberals in charge who countered with their usual accusations of hate speech and racism. The Superior Audio-Visual Council (Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel or CSA) upholds broadcast freedoms in France. This group ensures that plural (both sides) of opinions are expressed, that human dignity is preserved, protects consumers, keeps a watchful eye on the news media, and organizes radio and TV election campaigns.

CSA has come down hard against Zammour’s proposal to deny the migrants “the benefit of the right to asylum on the ground that they would, because of their religion and unlike others, become the source of ‘enormous problems and that they would contribute to the great replacement of the French population’” is a bad idea because these notions are “likely to encourage discriminatory behavior and incite hatred or violence against a population specifically designated for reasons of religion.”

Well, yeah. That religion is Islam. It states very clearly that non-believers (infidels) are, basically, scum of the Earth. Women, in particular, are subjected to sexual assault – even as very young girls – because Muslim holy texts say that infidel females are all worthless prostitutes.

The real question on many people’s minds is why the French and other governments are protecting militant minorities from eviction?

Violent Muslim immigrants have grown in numbers large enough to take over sizeable territories in French suburbs. The French residents have no recourse because their government has a laissez-faire (leave it alone) policy toward the foreign invasion.

As Jim Morrison with The Doors so famously sang, “The time to hesitate is through.”

Now, French suburbanites are taking action, the only action open to them. Since their government won’t stop the criminal Muslims from rampaging through their once-beautiful neighborhoods, the French are leaving for safer ground.

That safer ground is Hungary, a country that realized immediately the danger from unchecked North African immigration and built border barriers to control who crosses their boundaries.

The politicians in Hungary looked at a map and saw that their country lies along the migratory path from the Mediterranean Sea to Germany. Their border fence has kept out hundreds of thousands of undocumented, hungry, angry, single males with an infidel axe to grind.

Csaba Dömötör, the Hungarian parliamentary state secretary in the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister (Viktor Orbán), said their government wants to “protect our communities and culture.” He added that “as long as this government is in office and the prime minister is called Viktor Orbán, the fence will stay in place.”

Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel (who, in 2015, welcomed Syrian asylum-seekers) realized in 2016 that multiculturalism in Europe has “utterly failed” and it was delusional to believe that German and foreign workers would “live happily side by side.”

Ironically, the Leftists in charge of France and other European countries still call the Muslim invasion “cultural enrichment.” We would love to see some evidence that French culture has been enhanced by their new arrivals. However, no such news is making the rounds.

Instead, French citizens are “leaving the heavily migrant-populated suburbs of Paris after being assaulted and robbed multiple times.”

Part of the allure stems from a 2017 proclamation from Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán, who said, half-jokingly, at his annual state of the union address:

“Naturally, we will take in the real refugees. The panicked German, Dutch, French and Italian politicians and journalists, Christians forced to leave their countries will find here the Europe they lost at home.”

One young French woman named Elsa moved to Budapest two years ago from the French suburbs after she was assaulted three times and her purse and cell phone were stolen.

Elsa’s story is typical of other Europeans seeking refugee status in a protected country. Orbán set the record straight about preserving “international identity” when open border advocates accuse him with the leftist r-word. Maintaining a democracy by keeping out disruptive elements from another group of countries that have a majority religion that preaches and practices intolerance and death to the infidel is not racist:

“Hungary is a democratic country, of course…People can come, everyone can express their point of view. there is no racism in Hungary, but a democratic discourse, and the country will run smoothly as a living democracy.”

Is it any wonder that shocked and awed French citizens are leaving their once-beautiful country for one that shares their religion (Christianity), has a low cost of living and affordable real estate, and no migrant problems?

Meanwhile, back in France, the pro-Muslim propaganda machine is hard at work to punish Hungary. The European Union (EU) has called Hungry’s refusal to play by their rules a serious “threat to the fundamental values of the Union.” They are debating whether or not to suspend Hungary’s EU voting rights.

Somehow, we sense that Hungarians just don’t give a darn what the EU thinks.