Absurd” was the word that President Obama’s former head of the Border Security used when describing the democratic rebuttal to building Trump’s proposed border wall.

Mark Morgan, who led the US Border Patrol during Barack Obama’s presidency said, “It’s absurd, the arguments that are being made right now.” Morgan was largely referring to the arguments that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and many left-wing pundits are offering in opposition to Trump’s wall.

Speaking recently on Fox News’ Cavuto Live, Morgan echoed President Trump’s message to America by saying the current situation at the southern border is indeed a “national security and humanitarian crisis.” He went on to say that President Obama and politicians from both sides of the aisle used the same kind of language then, as the President did in his recent Oval Office address.

He said that starting in 2014, the demographics of the people coming across the U.S. border started to change, ”we saw an influx in family units and unaccompanied minors. It was then, also, across the aisle on both sides that referred to that as a humanitarian crisis.”

He added that “nothing has changed” regarding governmental strategy on border security for years, indicating that a long-standing strategy of infrastructure, technology, and personnel — a multilayered approach which includes a wall — still works.

We Need to Do It All

Morgan went on to tell host Neil Cavuto, “I agree 100 percent with what the president is trying to do with all things related to border security. “This is not based on political ideology. It is based on 30 years of governmental service.” Morgan also served in the FBI for two decades.

Just as in the President’s address, Morgan said a wall or barrier is a necessary part of enhancing border security, but a wall alone cannot do the job. Morgan added that while the use of new technology and added personnel at the border are effective, they don’t solve the problems in and of themselves.

“We need to do it all, including the wall,” he said.