Earlier this week on Tuesday, Hayden Williams, a young man who’s affiliated with the conservative youth organization Turning Point USA, was viciously attacked by a rabid leftist who disapproved of the signs that were set up around the organization’s recruitment table.

The politically motivated attack was caught on video, at first by Williams himself before the two attackers knocked it from his hands, and later by onlookers. Video footage shows the man who attacked Williams shouting, “Motherf*cker. You racist little inbred b*tch. C*nt. I’ll shoot you!”

Police reported that one of the two men knocked over the table, and then punched Williams in the face several times, inflicting noteworthy injuries.

The two suspects had left the scene by the time campus police arrived.

Witnesses of the attack have told members from the media that signs at the recruitment table read: ‘We Support Our President’, ‘This is MAGA Country’, and ‘Hate Crime Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims’, a reference to Empire actor Jessie Smollet’s staged racist and homophobic attack against himself last month in Chicago.

In an interview with Campus Reform, Williams said, “Some students nearby tabling were laughing, even one guy was smiling while I was being attacked and trying to hand me his flyer as a joke. The idea is free speech has consequences…. which include you getting assaulted if they find you promoting ideas others don’t agree with.”

The incident has garnered attention from several prominent conservative figures.

In a tweet, Donold Trump Jr. wrote, “When a liberal like Jussie cries wolf and fakes an attack he receives unmatched coverage, sympathy & support creating a tsunami of attention. When a conservative student literally gets punched in the face and it’s caught on video it barely makes a ripple.”

Senator Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, wrote, “’This is abhorrent behavior against free speech on campus. No form of violence is acceptable.”

Conservative groups across the country have claimed for a long time now that students who lean to the right side of the political spectrum have repeatedly been targets for harassment and violent assault by leftists over the views that they hold. In an interview given to Fox News, Charlie Kirk, the founder and executive director of Turning Point USA stated that, “ College campuses have become increasingly unsafe for conservatives.”

They aren’t wrong.

The incident is just the most recent in a series violent, ideologically inspired attacks against conservatives on college campuses across the United States. 

Campus police are currently investing that assault and are asking the public for information on the perpetrators.

 During the run-up to the 2020 elections, look for political violence and the hate campaign against conservative Americans to reach levels that have never been seen before. 

27 thoughts on “White People Being Beat Isn’t News!”
  1. We cannot allow this to be acceptable behavior. And we absolutely cannot expect the left wing hypocrite libtards to hold themselves accountable for their behavior either. It’s time we exercised OUR civil rights and make sure those who use violence and discrimination for political gain pay for their crimes.

  2. Just spent 4 years at liberal Tulane University. Spent every day of 4 years fighting with Liberal professors. I usually won the fights or the professor would call a draw but only because I was in my 50s, had 28 years of work experience, was older than most professors and would never cave! My fellow students in their 20s were appalled and incredulous that I would fight with professors. When I’m paying $300 a class you bet I’m going to debate as much as I can!! A retired USAF Veteran.

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  4. Im going to buy me a maga hat, i cant wAit til someone tries to assault me for it! They will have a big suprise waiting on them! Not all of us conservatives are pacifist!

  5. That’s just shows how stupid the left is, and is why I carry everyday. I would love to have one of those leftist weenies come to Arizona and try their pussy behavior.

  6. And this is tolerable? Guns are an issue? Take away guns and violence will escalate. None of the violent acts paid for by soros fascists acts are American democracy.

  7. “Identity politics dominate Academy Awards” By Ted Diadiun , Cleveland PlainDealer 3-1-2019–

    by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, retired psychiatrist, deplorable pamphleteer, copyright c 2019

    I have not watched the Oscars since Dick van Dyke did not get the award when in Mary Poppins. I do not think I have missed a thing watching Mary Poppins and Singing In The Rain are the only good I need from Holey Wood. It sounds like Green Book is something society needs and I might appreciate it. But most of what has come from the press&media have destroyed America by destroying the family, childhood, virtue, love and Spirituality–proving Freud correct in that unnatural sex and violence make people crazy. Our liberal culture of masturbation and abortion is not going to last and it is not worth defending–In fact, I want my four years in the Navy Submarine Service back–abortion, infanticide, gay genital maniacs, black cultism, journalism unworthy of the First Amendment, corrupt politicians having everything the common man does not, and a system of law which does not care about truth or justice. To hell with the place.

    The description of Spike Lee clarifies the blatant destructive racism (HIS racism he stupidly does not even realize) so untrue, divisive, evil and ugly. How 45 million blacks can be so antagonistic, mocking, judging and hostile to the 195 million whites surrounding them is just pure selfish idiocy (Can you imagine how it would be if the numbers were reversed?). Somehow blacks know that 90% of whites are for them and want full humanbeingness and accept the victimism thus far without saying, “enough is enough”–although the racist crap from Spike is so blatantly self-righteously exploitative, that it might be helpful in reminding blacks that there are over four whites for every black and they should ask whites to continue to help rather than say “to hell with your ignorant crybaby hostile victimism–we will give you a taste of real racism instead of a million and a half whites dead in the Civil War freeing 4 million slaves and ALL the other help Spike and ALL SUCCESSFUL BLACKS have had from whites if they would honestly list them from the day of their births including the total cultural appropriation of white America including the Constitution, the Civil War, cars, telephones, computers, airplanes, schools, books, libraries, hospitals, and all else created, developed and produced by whites.” Maybe everyone owes “whites” for everything! Just hoping to mellow the obnoxious, self-righteous, better-than-thou arrogance into “let us work together” content of character instead of color-based inflammatory flimflam.

    “Content of Character” is the only way; and that ignores color, race, height, weight, subculture, etc: Did you have a Judeo-Christian childhood? Get an education? Develop skills to be able to work? Accomplished what? Color, race, and other dimensions are irrelevant. And that excludes giving fraudulent awards because some “black” diversity is needed. Oh, no. Lies do not work for long. CONTENT OF CHARACTER—-Are you a dead beat drug addict sex nut wanting freebees? Are you a self-deluded blame whites for everything con artist? Are you an angry scam happy proclaiming being a victim? Are you indoctrinated into the latest victimism black cult? Or are you a productive education-full human being wanting to make a better world for all consistent with truth, oneness, good and beauty? Can you stop being “black” as millions of others have stopped being “white”? Spike Lee, the Oscars , Holey Wood, the press&media ought to try it and return to the Founders’ Ten Commandments, Nature and Nature’s God–but I fear “recovery” of America is remote and self cremation only remains.

  8. With all the video’s available, I’m astounded that NO ONE will or has offered to come forward to find out who the perps were that assaulted the Conservatives on campus.
    Typical thoughtless Left Leaning followers of FAKE NEWS.. Clueless as to what’s really happening in the Halls of Congress, and around this Country.
    Hillary and her cohorts are the real threat to destroy our Country. Look at all the information learned about her… Lied about Benghazi, Email scandal 30k emails destroyed, after she was told to turn them over to the FBI. Sale of Uranium to RUSSIA, Fake Dossier on President Trump, paid for by HER. FBI LIERS, AND TRAITORS TO THE WELL BEING OF THIS COUNTRY for letting her go, in a conspired effort by all involved with the Clinton Campaign.
    These Anti~ Trump people are clueless as to what President Trump has done for different Races here in the United States. All inclusive of the good he has done. Do these anti Trumper’s all want to allow Illegal aliens into the Country, to Kill, Infect, rob, steal, what is rightfully belonging to Americans?
    I hope I don’t live long enough to see what happens if a Democratic President ever gets the reins of this great country again…. Utter Chaos

  9. It has gotten much worse in the last sixty years.

    Back then I was operating a table at ASU during registration (a traditional time to hand out pamphlets).

    I had a clipboard with a petition: Stop giving foreign aid to Communist countries.

    A leftist took a good look and said, “this kind of thing shouldn’t be allowed on campus.”

    No punches. Just that moralistic sermon. It has gotten much worse in sixty years.

  10. This is absolutely insane. I can prove what I am about to write.

    20 years ago when I was in college I wrote a letter to the college newspaper and it was very, very outspoken. I made reference in that letter to what I called the “great white payback“.

    Back then, I wrote that if we did not stop things like abortion in this country (because white women were getting more abortions than any other statistical group both per capita and simply numerically), That white folks would find themselves eventually approaching being a statistical minority.

    And I wrote that once that occurred, white people would be subject to a desire for revenge by minorities, particularly blacks. That we would therefore be subject to the “great white pay back”. The problem is we have a high number of people within the white community who think that because they go along with the liberals that they will be saved somehow from the payback.

    But it reminds me of a old comedic riff by comedian, Chris Rock: Chris Rock, was talking about an uncle that he had who is married to a white woman named Susie. In the riff, Chris Rock is quoting his uncle who said: “If the Revolution ever comes I’ll kill Susie first. Just to show these white people I mean business”.

    We better think ahead!!!

  11. According to campus police at liberal colleges, conservatives just shouldn’t go to college. That is the idea. Harrass every conservative till you get rid of them. Hitler first took health care. Then books, then sent Jews to concentration camps. In this country
    Medicare for all (only liberals)
    Restrict access to to internet(except liberals), per Obummer place people who disagree with them in “in reeducation camps ( conservatives only) appointment of Sanders or obummer dic tator for life.

  12. Maybe we need to do away with the NAACP, and all hate parties. Why is it a hate crime if a white bears a black or minority, but not if a minority beats or kills a white person.

  13. The title of this editorial is particularly race oriented, whereas the facts are supportive only of conservatives, not whites. This is truly obnoxious click-baiting.

  14. It is sad to see and experience that in our country, The United States Of America, ones right of expression and speech are being harassed and folks beaten in restaurants, streets and schools by liberals, democrats and left wing activists. These activists, when caught, are simply slapped in the hand and let loose in less than one hour. They never go to court or are prosecuted because there is always an attorney ready to cut them loose, more than likely by the SOROS or CLINTON Group.
    The whole country is under attack by leftists, atheists, liberals, demorats, Black Matter Groups and Muslim factions. WHERE IS THE USA THAT I KNEW AND THE PROUD AMERICAN LIFE THAT LURED MY FAMILY AND I TO IMMIGRATE ( LEGALLY) HERE? I am a Naturalized American Citizen and I am darn proud to be one. Why are we tolerating these instigators to disrupt our lives and destroy everything that is good in this country?

  15. Hard to believe the police have not gone in to arrest these two thugs.

    Why is that ?

  16. This is why the media jumped on Jessie Smolle’s story prematurely. They want us to think that racists are in abundance and out to hurt African American people. Obama started all of this.

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  18. The victims should suit the campus for not providing a safe environment to exercise their free speech rights.

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  21. As a Vietnam Veteran have believed we should act as good U S citizens who deserve rights of freedom of speech much deserved and served our country in uniform and combat giving freedom to the left hate groups and DNC that have only hurt the USA always taking and never giving or support to the USA, You are 100% right.

  22. What if you used martial arts or some other means of self-defense? Would that get the main-stream media attention? Would they vilify you instead of your attacker?

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