This Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day in the United States, the day we celebrate fathers, fatherhood and paternal bonds between fathers and their children, grandchildren and so on.

Did you know that the first Father’s Day was the idea of Sonora Smart Dodd, who in 1910, held a Father’s Day celebration at the YMCA in Spokane, Washington? She was inspired after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon in church a year earlier. She originally chose June 5, as that was her father’s birthday. Her father, William Jackson Smart, was a Civil War veteran.

Over the following years, Dodd helped a number of merchants advertise gifts like ties, tobacco pipes and other items for Father’s Day.

In 1913, a bill was introduced into Congress to officially recognize Father’s Day. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson traveled to Spokane to speak at a Father’s Day celebration. Wilson wanted to make Father’s Day a federal holiday, but Congress refused, largely because they feared the holiday would become too commercialized. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge recommended that the entire nation observe Father’s Day, but did not go far enough to make it an official federal holiday. In 1957 Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith blasted Congress with a proposal that accused Congress of neglecting fathers for decades while honoring mothers. In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first official presidential proclamation declaring the third Sunday in June to be Father’s Day. In 1972, President Richard Nixon made the celebration of Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June to be a permanent national holiday.

Father’s Day holds a special place in my heart because in 2014, Father’s Day was celebrated on June 15 and that night my dad died at the age of 92.

But, as I prepare to honor and remember my dad this year, I can’t help but wonder if this will be America’s last official Father’s Day?


Because leftist liberals have been busy systematically trying to eradicate all gender specific references.

Schools, colleges and universities around the country are insisting that students no longer use gender specific pronouns. In one school, a 2nd grade girl was disciplined because she referred to a boy in her class by his given name. In 1st grade, the boy was taught a lesson on transgenderism and decided that he wanted to be a girl and his parents encouraged it. Teachers have been instructed not to use terms like he, she, his, hers, and so one.

Some businesses, run by similar leftists, have instructed employees to stop using gender specific pronouns, terms and references. I recall hearing about one employee who received a verbal reprimand when she referred to a transgender co-worker as a him.

In some places, birth certificates and driver’s licenses give multiple options for gender, other than the traditional male and female.

With the spread of LGBT privileges (not rights because they aren’t rights), normal references to men, fathers, women and mothers are being forbidden in favor of gender neutral terminology. I’m surprised we haven’t see lawsuits filed against Father’s Day by LGBT activists, claiming that the very name is biased and unfair. With so many leftist federal judges in the judicial system (Obama appointed over 300 of them) you know that one of them will uphold such a lawsuit. As for President Donald Trump, his recent support of gay pride tells us where he stands on the subject.

Therefore, take extra care this Father’s Day to honor and celebrate fathers because this could well be the last time it is officially celebrated here in the United States.

3 thoughts on “Will This be the LAST Father’s Day?”
  1. The left is completely insane. America needs to stand strong and overcome this Socialist attitude from the
    Democrat. The American people have no say. If this had been Republicans acting like insanity had struck they would be in jail. Wake up America. These turncoats are being run by George Soros and some other high rollers. Our government is being run as if we have a King who wants everything his way. We the People had best get their act together. You can be assured I will never vote for turncoats. That means Brian Fitzpatrick should consider what he is backing and ask himself if Pennsylvania agrees.

  2. You all are very foolish to even suggest that this will be the last Father’s Day ever. Your reasoning is very flawed and outright stupid!! You couldn’t be farther from the truth!! Please drop this non-issue and get your head back on straight!!

  3. Okay – a large group of people demand that once sex / gender holidays will not be recognized, then any race defined holidays must be banned as well. Any Jewish holiday, any Black observed holiday must be stopped as well. How can our government now be ran by politicians that selectively choose what must be done away with.

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