Kamala Harris Caught Lying at Campaign Event

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. She has a rather sordid past, which if Democrats used the same character examination they have used for Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, should automatically disqualify her from running for the White House.

When Harris was a young prosecutor in Alameda County, California (San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley), she dated Willie Brown, who was then serving in the California State Assembly (House). It apparently didn’t matter to Harris that Brown was married at the time of their dating and it didn’t seem to mind to Brown either, as their dating was well known.

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At the time of their dating, Harris was in her early 30s and Brown was in his 60s. Many believed that the only reason Harris dated Brown was because he was Speaker of the House in California and a very powerful man that carried a lot of political influence.

When Brown became mayor of San Francisco, he ended his relationship with Harris and returned to his wife. Brown used his influence to help Harris become district attorney and then helped her win the election for California Attorney General. Brown also supported her campaign for the US Senate, which she won.

Harris’ dating of Brown while he was married, for what seems to be nothing more than self-political ambition, shows that she has poor morals and questionable ethics. Now realize that she is the one who spearheaded the character attack of Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court. Don’t forget that it was Harris that promised Professor Ford that she would keep her identity a secret since it was she who made the allegations against Kavanaugh, but then it was Harris’ office that leaked Ford’s identity to the media.

Harris has shown that she is a true Obamanite socialist Democrat who seems to be possessed with pushing socialism and promoting herself. Consider the policies she has pushed during her campaign including free healthcare for all which includes elimination of all existing private healthcare coverage and some of the most anti-Second Amendment gun control policies ever.

If you still have any doubt about Harris and her questionable character and lack of morals and ethics, then consider this:

Sen. Kamala Harris claimed during a climate change town hall Wednesday that she once sued Exxon Mobil for allegedly misleading shareholders and the public about the threats of climate change. But according to several reports, that’s not true.

Harris made the assertion when CNN moderator Erin Burnett asked if Harris would sue the fossil fuel company if elected president.

“I have sued Exxon Mobil,” she said, drawing applause from the audience.

But InsideClimate News reported last week that although Harris vowed to take on Exxon while she was California’s attorney general in 2016, New York’s Attorney General Barbara Underwood was the only one to actually sue the oil giant.

The California Office of the Attorney General confirmed to the publication that no lawsuit was filed against Exxon from 2011 to 2017, when Harris was the state’s attorney general, or between 2004 and 2011 when she was San Francisco’s district attorney.

Three other sources also claim no Harris lawsuit against Exxon exists: a San Francisco-based law firm filing a civil suit against Exxon over climate change, Columbia University’s database of climate change litigation and Energy in Depth, a pro-oil advocacy organization.

If Harris lived by the same standards she holds Trump, Kavanaugh and other conservatives to, she would resign from the Senate, get out of politics and get a real job like the people the she claims to represent.