Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. She has a rather sordid past, which if Democrats used the same character examination they have used for Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, should automatically disqualify her from running for the White House.

When Harris was a young prosecutor in Alameda County, California (San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley), she dated Willie Brown, who was then serving in the California State Assembly (House). It apparently didn’t matter to Harris that Brown was married at the time of their dating and it didn’t seem to mind to Brown either, as their dating was well known.

At the time of their dating, Harris was in her early 30s and Brown was in his 60s. Many believed that the only reason Harris dated Brown was because he was Speaker of the House in California and a very powerful man that carried a lot of political influence.

When Brown became mayor of San Francisco, he ended his relationship with Harris and returned to his wife. Brown used his influence to help Harris become district attorney and then helped her win the election for California Attorney General. Brown also supported her campaign for the US Senate, which she won.

Harris’ dating of Brown while he was married, for what seems to be nothing more than self-political ambition, shows that she has poor morals and questionable ethics. Now realize that she is the one who spearheaded the character attack of Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court. Don’t forget that it was Harris that promised Professor Ford that she would keep her identity a secret since it was she who made the allegations against Kavanaugh, but then it was Harris’ office that leaked Ford’s identity to the media.

Harris has shown that she is a true Obamanite socialist Democrat who seems to be possessed with pushing socialism and promoting herself. Consider the policies she has pushed during her campaign including free healthcare for all which includes elimination of all existing private healthcare coverage and some of the most anti-Second Amendment gun control policies ever.

If you still have any doubt about Harris and her questionable character and lack of morals and ethics, then consider this:

Sen. Kamala Harris claimed during a climate change town hall Wednesday that she once sued Exxon Mobil for allegedly misleading shareholders and the public about the threats of climate change. But according to several reports, that’s not true.

Harris made the assertion when CNN moderator Erin Burnett asked if Harris would sue the fossil fuel company if elected president.

“I have sued Exxon Mobil,” she said, drawing applause from the audience.

But InsideClimate News reported last week that although Harris vowed to take on Exxon while she was California’s attorney general in 2016, New York’s Attorney General Barbara Underwood was the only one to actually sue the oil giant.

The California Office of the Attorney General confirmed to the publication that no lawsuit was filed against Exxon from 2011 to 2017, when Harris was the state’s attorney general, or between 2004 and 2011 when she was San Francisco’s district attorney.

Three other sources also claim no Harris lawsuit against Exxon exists: a San Francisco-based law firm filing a civil suit against Exxon over climate change, Columbia University’s database of climate change litigation and Energy in Depth, a pro-oil advocacy organization.

If Harris lived by the same standards she holds Trump, Kavanaugh and other conservatives to, she would resign from the Senate, get out of politics and get a real job like the people the she claims to represent.

27 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Caught Lying at Campaign Event”
  1. So much for “fair and balanced.” This may have elements of truth in it, but it is clearly very, very biased. Why not just admit it?

  2. Harris said on MSNBC “she learned from her parents who were active in the civil rights of MLK”…. wow! she lies better than Hillary…her parents divorced when Harris was 2 years-old, how can she remember any of their civil rights activity? Her mother snatched her away to Canada where Harris attended a Canadian grade school and high school and did not return to the U.S. for 18 years to attend college… if you want the government to determine how you spend your hard-earned money then vote for this Trollop who gained her political position on her back! If allowing her to violate your Due Process like she did of Judge Kavanaugh floats your boat then she is your ticket to Socialist hell…JUST LIKE VENUEZELA, CUBA AND RUSSIA!

    Senator Harris’ dating of SF Mayor Willie Brown while he was married, a man 32 years her senior reveals she is nothing but a political slut with poor morals and questionable ethics. Speaking with a forked tongue she spearheaded the character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court. She made an Ass of herself by storming out of the hearing to a waiting CNN camera crew and within 30 minutes used the hearing for campaign fund raising. Don’t forget that it was Harris that promised Professor Ford that she would keep her identity a secret since it was she who made the allegations against Kavanaugh, but then it was Harris’ office that leaked Ford’s identity to the media.

    “I have sued Exxon Mobil,” Harris said, drawing applause from the audience. Sen. Kamala Harris claimed during a climate change town hall that she once sued Exxon Mobil for allegedly misleading shareholders and the public about the threats of climate change. However, according to several sources, that’s a lie.
    The California Office of the Attorney General confirmed that “no lawsuit was filed against Exxon from 2011 to 2017,” when Harris was the state’s attorney general, or between 2004 and 2011 when she was San Francisco’s district attorney.

    According to the New York Times in 2015, “she failed to take on prosecutorial misconduct.” The profile noted in 2015 her office was called out for “defending convictions obtained by local prosecutors who inserted false confessions into the transcripts of police interrogations, lied under oath, and withheld crucial evidence from the defense.” We also now know she withheld evidence against a man on death row until a judge forced her to release them.

  3. This is where I call her real b**** she’s out phone around with a married man and she’s got something to say about just Cavanaugh that hasn’t done nothing she needs to be sued locked up and put away.

  4. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  5. we do not need a person with questionable life style we need a person who will work for the country thank God we have President Trump and Vice President Pence


  7. I believe I can safely say that anyone who would vote for Harris is either mentally challenged, possessed, or both. Most likely, it’s the latter.

  8. Do we really need someone with a questionable past to run for President? She seems to have no respect for anyone,plus she just dose not to know when to shut her big mouth!!

  9. I keep expecting these Moron Dumbocrat/Socialists (Not Patriotic Democrats) to act like they have some Intelligence but every time I turn around there is their Immorality and lack of ethics staring me in the face!!!

  10. She isn’t even Eligible to be POTUS since she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen since both her parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of her birth. See US Constitution, Article 1, Section 2. She is a total fake.

  11. This isn’t the first time she lied….
    “Fake News”……The fact is the dems scored NOTHING and CL made them look like the clowns they are…..Nadler didn’t even have a copy of the “Weissman Report” near him….The questions were scripted by staff and presented by these clowns – who did NOTHING but Rant and Rave making accusations…What ya’ll FAIL to realize is Trump is the Chief Executive and can fire anyone at any time…..I would have fired mueller and had them choose another team as special counsel….

  12. WHAT? A DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN LIES? Oh, the HORROR! Oh, the PAIN! Oh, the, well, there’s nothing surprising about this! Everybody knows the Democrats, and the Republicans, too, for that matter, lie, just like the cur dogs they really are…

  13. She should be called on all of these facts. Cmon shawn, bring all of her corruption to lite and torch this bitch liar!

  14. What? We have a president who had sex with a porn star and with a playboy bunny. He calls women are liars and has molested them and 22 women said he molested them by grabbing them and tried to get under their dress. Trump is going to be impeached or he will not get elected. You people back a con man.

  15. She is so phoney it makes me sick. She sits there and smiles at you promising everything when she knows she wants socialism. I really don’t trust someone who wants to ban a cheeseburger. Please, this is the American food for god sake. She is a liar, a cheat and only cares about herself. Not for presidency, she can’t be trusted.

  16. And those that would vote for trump are what? Since only about 30% of the US claim to support him, I can’t say normal!

  17. We have a Hooker, a Booker, a Fake Indian, ans a Fake Mexican, only thing real about them is the lies they tell.

  18. I was shocked when harris questioned Kavanaugh about something that happened 35 YEARS AGO!!!!!
    Ms. Ford accused him of what? Really!
    Harris has a blank spot when it comes to reality, and she wants to be chief.
    The President needs to get these people out of office

  19. Amen to the article. Amen to what you state. Harris is an affirmative action princess who has no clothes. But she is a senator for chrissake!. This shows just how broken our system has become. Harris should be chasing ambulances with most other lawyers.

  20. The HELL they do!! The only person that would represent the treasonous rat would be another one with NO virtue, common sense and is a commie, nazi democratic douchebag just like her. Damn whore!!!

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