Well over a century ago, a wise man wrote:

The weakest of minds are those which go forward because they are borne along by the throng; the truly strong are accustomed to stand alone, and are not cast down if they find themselves in a minority.

As these words were brought to my attention recently, I couldn’t help but see them as a description of today’s Democratic voters and how they are all so adamantly opposed to President Donald Trump.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve watched hundreds of interviews of Democratic voters and found a common theme among them all. The vast majority of them had no clue of politics or why they favored Democrats other than to say that they were following the leads of others around them.

A number of interviews conducted with college students on various campuses revealed that the majority of those interviewed had no idea who Obama’s Vice President was or who his Republican opponent was. Others didn’t even know Obama’s name, just that they were voting for the black guy, forgetting that Obama is half white.

I recall one interview with a female college student who said she was a political science major who said that Paul Ryan was a black Democrat who was Obama’s running mate in 2012.

America’s public education system has been working furiously to dumb down as many young people as possible. That dumbing down has left millions of younger voters without a clue of what they are doing nor what their votes will ultimately do to America.

They are entering adulthood with weakened minds that have been brainwashed to follow the throng of other dumbed down and clueless voters. They have been blindly convinced that America and our free enterprise system is the bane of the entire world and something to be destroyed.

Like sheep or cattle being led to the slaughter, the throng of weakened minds, also known as Democrats, are following a few anti-American subversive socialists who are knowingly taking advantage of the throng of weakened minds.

What their weakened minds fail to understand is that the prosperity they are experiencing today is a direct result of the very free enterprise and the capitalistic system they are vilifying. Their weakened minds also fail to realize that if they continue their war on the American system they enjoy, and yet vilify, that they will eventually end up like the citizens of countries like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. Their minds have been so weakened that they don’t believe they will suffer the same fate as some of the most oppressed people in the world.

At the same time, the one man who dared to stand strong for the values that made America the great nation it once was, is the one being so venomously villainized by the throng of weakened minds. Donald Trump, unlike any of the other Republican candidates that ran for the White House in 2016 or any running in 2020, is the lone person to stand for what is right and good.

I know that wise man from over a century ago was not speaking of today’s politics in America, but his words are just as accurate to describe what is happening here today as they were about the subjects he was referring to back then.