To many Americans, there is no doubt that the economy has greatly improved under the 3 years of President Trump. Tech stocks are soaring and predicted to have best performance in a decade. The Nasdaq has topped 9,000. Unemployment is at a 50-year low and one can see Help Wanted signs everywhere they go. Wages for the average worker are climbing at the fasted rate in a decade.

One economy expert on the news said that any economy grows on four things – consumption, investment, government spending and exports. He then went on to say that America is currently hitting on all four of these key factors. He went on to say that this is a direct result of Trump’s policies and that Trump has turned the Republican Party into the Party of the working class.

An expert from a progressive organization rebutted that report, saying that the wages are not keeping up with the increases in the cost of living, especially healthcare, pharmaceuticals and education. This progressive organization conducted a poll in which they say that 41% say that the economy is a reason to re-elect Trump and 44% said it is a reason to elect someone else, with 16% undecided.

I have to point out here is that if this poll was conducted mostly in urban areas, then it will automatically be skewed against Trump. Just look at any national presidential election map for the past couple of decades and you’ll easily locate the larger cities which will be Democrat blue while the majority of the country will be Republican red.

This progressive socialist pointed out that over 80% of the stocks are owned by the top 10% of the wealthy and therefore many Americans are not experiencing the benefits of a thriving economy. What he, and most other socialist Democrats fail to mention is that the top 10% are the ones who own many of the companies that provide jobs to millions of Americans and that the reason for the nation having the lowest unemployment in over half a century is because the top 20% can afford to hire the workers.

This progressive, and most other Democrats, continue to hammer hard against Trump’s economic policies, often claiming that it is only benefitting the wealthy elite, but one report I saw on the news indicated that over the past year, the wages for the lower 25% of workers has increased by 4.5% while the wages for the middle 50% increased by only 3.5% and the wages for the highest 25% increased by just 2.9%.

While anyone with a brain who has a job, should be able to figure out that they are reaping the rewards of Trump’s policies, far too many Americans today do not use their brains. Their brains have been brainwashed by the socialist controlled public education system and major media outlets.

These brainwashed voters seem to have no clue that if they follow their indoctrination that they will quickly lose many of the things that they currently enjoy. They have no clue that Democrats will destroy the economy and all of America with their socialist policies and this is evident by polls like the one above that shows a sharp divide among voters over Trump the economy.