As part of its coronavirus relief package, Congress passed the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”), a $349 billion fund to help businesses with fewer than 500 employees. Although any money business receives is denominated a loan, if the business can prove that it used the money to stay afloat and, especially, pay employees, the business can request that the loan be forgiven.

The PPP has been so popular that banks have reported to the Treasury Department that they are running out of those guaranteed funds. It’s questionable whether the fund will outlast the week.

To keep funds available, Mitch McConnell wanted to pass a single-issue bill, one that would do nothing more than infuse another $250 billion into the PPP. Democrats, however, are repeating the same behavior in which they engaged the last time Congress tried to allocate emergency funds for people hurt by the economic shutdown.

As you may recall, at the end of March, when Congress was working on its first stimulus bill, the Senate had reached a bipartisan agreement. Nancy Pelosi, however, flew into town, announced that the agreement was off, and the Democrat Senators meekly walked away. Then, in place of the negotiated agreement, Pelosi introduced a 1,200 page bill that was more focused on advancing a Democrat wish list (social justice issues, climate change, union support, etc.), than in helping Americans blindsided by an economic shutdown.

Eventually, Congress did pass a bill, but only after caving to some of the Democrats’ demands. The most notorious was the insistence that the Kennedy Center get $25 million. Democrats justified this demand by saying that the Kenedy Center employed lots of people. That narrative went out the window when, the day after Trump signed the bill, the Kennedy Center fired all its musicians.

Pelosi seems determined once again to put her agenda ahead of “the little people’s” needs. This time, she’s refusing to let the Democrats agree to Mitch McConnell’s clean bill:

Instead, Democrats want McConnell to acquiesce to jumps in funding for several entities that received billions under the CARES act, including health care systems, and to demands to reconfigure the PPP system so that minority and female entrepreneurs are given priority in lending.

That same tone-deafness showed itself on Monday, just a day before Pelosi boasted about abandoning America’s small businesses. In an appearance on James Corden’s show, Pelosi talked about her passion for ice cream and chocolate. Standing in front of her $10,000 paired refrigerator and freezer, Nancy Pelosi admitted that she’s a chocolate fanatic who adores chocolate ice cream. It pains me to admit that, at least as to that food preference, she and I have something in common.

Unlike Pelosi, though, I do not have a $10,000 refrigerator/freezer. Moreover, if I were planning to leave small businesses without funds during an economic crisis, I would not proudly open a drawer in my massive freezer to reveal that it’s completely packed with ice cream that retails for $12 per pint. Watching the video, it seems that, at a quick count, Pelosi has at least $130 worth of ice cream in her freezer. As a fellow chocolate lover, I suspect that she has more layers of ice cream hiding beneath the visible ones:

With this video, Nancy Pelosi went Marie Antoinette one better. Marie Antoinette, after hearing about peasants starving for want of bread, never said “Let them eat cake.” She was just alleged to have done so to harm her reputation. Here, though, we have irrefutable evidence that Nancy Pelosi, while refusing to give America’s small businesses a financial lifeline, has effectively said, “I can still eat gourmet, $12 pint ice cream from my $10,000 freezer.”

It’s not a good look. Thankfully, this is not France in 1792, so Pelosi need not worry about keeping her head. (Although, interestingly, her own daughter said of her, “She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding.”) Still, it would be nice if San Franciscans would end their love affair with her and finally send this power-mad, multi-millionaire, limousine leftist packing.

35 thoughts on “Is Nancy Pelosi trying to be the most hated woman in America?”
  1. Pisslosi is a dumbass old bitch with shit for brains. This whore should retire to Florida. What a complete asshole she is. Only demented liberals in San Francisco will vote for the brain dead old hag.

  2. Just like the Hollywood elites she caters to, Nancy Pelosi just can’t help but display her arrogance for all to see. Elections in California are rigged, bought and payed for. Ask the homeless in LA what they think about Nancy’s freezer.

  3. This woman is shameful and doesn’t care, her character is vile and her party hates avgerage Americans. She deserves every negative comment ever made about her latest stunt…

  4. This woman is an evil monster who should be voted out of office. She cannot put this country
    ahead of her own hateful politics about Trump and it’s a damn shame. How can anyone in this country condone what she says or does?

  5. I think it’s way pass time for her to go before someone does cut her head off I think most people already hate her she acts as though she runs the whole government it’s time she gets cut down to her size Schumer Schiff and Pelosi
    All need to go

  6. Nancy Pelosi may probably not even believe that she has nursed her reputation into hatefulness. She is a woman who has enjoyed the absolute protection of the Democratic Political Party, and that character protection has been hers from her entry into politics. She has had a charmed life, literally from her birth to the present, by political factions which find her affiliation to them very convenient. Economically, she could be a multi-millionaire or more, again by birth and by marriage. From such circumstances, she understands her own willfulness and lives by it due to such a character trait having always being successful for her.
    As a result, she can maintain an attitude of “Hooray for me, and you had better consider me your superior”. This has been her slow downfall since she has been exposed as selfish and totally indulgent” by a man having an innate, unfailing, understanding of fake news and vengeful, dangerous people. That man with a sense for detecting dysfunctional, devious, behavior, is President Trump. (to his credit!)

  7. She doesn’t have to try. She already is hated by many. She is a narcissist control freak who is almost as bad as Biden when she speaks. She too has a serious mental problem, She has problems getting full sentences out as well while she is chewing on her falset teeth or tongue. Jumps around on topics like she can’t keep anything straight, Either serious mental problem or drunk. She needs to go

  8. Nancy does not care about the American people who are struggling. Only her ego self centered show off self! We can see the truth and how’s she’s playing games like everything is laughable while we’re in a crisis! We won’t forget ! Get back to work Nancy and stop showing off your 24,000 dollar refrigerator filled with you favorite ice cream !! Disgusting behavior!!!
    She needs to be removed for her wicked ways against America and take a trip on her jet out of this Nation, FOR GOOD!

  9. She is the winner for the most hated women in the country- good for her. She is pure evil.

  10. Pelosi is a self absorbed woman loving herself and none else!!! She’s pond scum. Sorry to put it like this but watch her on tv with her walk and smirk. Ugh!

  11. Who is even questioning if Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the West is not the most hated woman in this country. And how she can stand in front of a microphone and lie that she is so prayerful is beyond reason. She is good at taking a walk thru China Town, stating “Keep Coming hear, eating here, we have not virus problems” while saying out of the other side of her mouth, “Oh, you misunderstood me I was defending the US Chinese Community from Trumps Racist Statements”. Why has she not stood up for the US Russian Citizens? What a hypocrite she and her followers are, and how stupid is our so called Un bias Media, for not seeing through Pelosi’s, Schumer’s facetious faux fiasco.

    I said it b/4 and I will say it over and over again until some of dumb unhinged Progressive start to realize Pelosi is a danger to this country, and Schumer is in la la land and AOL. As it stands now all the Democrats in Congress should just stay at home and let the Wicked Witch of the West do her thing, because the rest of them are SHEEP!

  12. The mummy keeps on making mistakes. One day, she’ll step so far off reality, even her sycophants will have the screech svast! For the moment, having no solution, they whine.

  13. she doesn’t really have to try very hard. she is likely already the most hated person in the U.S.

  14. When Nancy Bigmouth denied the $250 Billions Dollars to aid small businesses in America, she gave the American Public the evil hatred and violence the Democratic Party has for most of the 350 million American a taste of what is to come. Whenever Donald Trump is out of office, The Democrat Party will leash upon America the worst of the Communist savagery of destroying this nation with their rule of violence akin to Pol Pot, Stalin and Hitler of old.

  15. I think the Bible calls it a strong delusion. Pelosi has already been turned over to a reprobate mind. I would not want to be standing in her shoes on judgment day.

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  17. Trying to be!!! She is the most hated woman on this entire planet, let alone America!!! When the Hell are we gonna ged rid of her????!!!!!!!!

  18. She’s trying to be!!! She doesn’t have to try, she already is the most hated woman on this entire planet, let alone America!! When The Hell are we gonna get rid of this evil tyrant witch????!!!!!!!!

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