I’m sitting on a park bench when I overhear a couple walking by. A man says to his female companion, “I think Joe Biden is a victim of elder abuse. I don’t know what’s going on, but his wife or his son or somebody is putting him up to something he’s not able to do.” That got me thinking, perhaps elder abuse is at play.

Harm to An Older Adult

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, “Elder abuse is an intentional act or failure to act that causes or creates a risk of harm to an older adult. An older adult is someone age 60 or older. The abuse often occurs at the hands of a caregiver or a person the elder trusts.”

The CDC also notes that “Victims often have to decide whether to tell someone they are being hurt or continue being abused by someone they depend upon or care for deeply.” And, “Elder abuse is common. Abuse, including neglect and exploitation, are experienced by about 1 in 10 people aged 60 and older who live at home.”

Newsbreak contends that “Democrats’ uncompromising lust for power and residual rage from their 2016 election loss is on full display through the cruel and immoral exploitation of former Vice President Joe Biden.”

What are the effects of elder abuse? The National Council on Aging reports that elders who have been abused have a 300 percent higher risk of death when compared to those who have not been mistreated.

Exploitation, at Least in Part

With the above in mind, how can one not at least consider that what’s being done to Joe Biden is a form of exploitation, even if he wants to run for president? He is 77 years old, due to turn 78 on November 20, 2020. Perhaps he’s never been the sharpest tool in the shed, but it’s clear now that he suffers from mental lapses.

He has confused Iran with Iraq, his sister for his wife, and his presidential run with a senate run. He has claimed that Trump is the only one calling for defunding police. Perhaps most telling, he has referred to the ‘Harris-Biden administration.’

Joe Biden can speak for a few minutes, all too often with a teleprompter. He can speak ad hoc for about a minute or so. It’s been speculated he’s taking some kind of stimulant to increase his alertness, at least for short intervals. Left to his own devices, such as answering something other than a softball question, Biden goes off on tangents that make even his supporters shutter. He’s done this so frequently that YouTube compilations on his gaffes, strange conclusions and outright foibles are readily available.

While no one truly on the right wants Biden to win the election, many people feel it’s unfortunate that he’s being propped up by a political party that clearly wants him as a puppet. Running mate, Kamala Harris is from California. The Democrats already have California sewn up, at every presidential election, so no strategic value accrues, vote-wise, in choosing her. Instead, they sought the most far-left candidate available, sensing that Joe won’t last four years. Ergo, Joe Biden is being exploited.

What kind of political party would subject a candidate to such treatment? What else are they capable of, if they’re willing to brazenly exploit Joe Biden? While running cover for Biden at every opportunity, the left, predictably, attempts to portray Donald Trump as having mental lapses. Anytime he slurs a word, or says something that is not completely coherent, the left jumps on it.

Sure, President Trump rambles on sometimes with awkward sentence structure. However, in front of a large group, teleprompters or not, invariably, he is one sharp, witty guy, who keeps his crowds enthralled. Future political candidates will study his technique because the day of the boring politician is pretty much over. Somebody who stands in front of a group and issues platitudes will command little attention.

Mental decline, unquestionably, is a huge hurdle for any presidential candidate. Democrats don’t care beans, however, about Joe Biden, the person. They are well aware that he is ill, but his health is irrelevant to them. Biden is merely a prop for them to collect votes. If Biden dies a day after the election or a day after the inauguration, for Democrats, it’s still mission accomplished.

10 thoughts on “Is Joe Biden a Victim of Elder Abuse?”
  1. How can Jill accept what Joe is going through. Does she want to be in the White House so bad that she is willing to watch her husband being used and abused by the dem party so she can be called 1st lady?

  2. How can Jill accept what Joe is going through. Does she want to be in the White House so bad that she is willing to watch her husband being used and abused by the dem party so she can be called 1st lady?

  3. Not a fan of Joe Biden but no human being should be subjected to this kind of torture. Time for the democrats to be demolished. They are nothing but pure evil.

  4. That is a serious accusation to make againsrbBiden’s family without evidence. As Trump would say “fake news”

  5. The same could easily be said about Donald Trump. My take is this …All of us not in politics do everything we can to retire by 65 ish because we have worked hard we’re tired our minds and body’s aren’t as sharp and strong and we pretty readily admit it yet we are willing to put someone well over retirement age into the most stressful time consuming job imaginable!! I just think their should be an age cap as well as age minimum for the job of POTUS
    I think we all know we can do better when it comes to the people WE elect for ANY of the offices up and down the ballot… Just saying

  6. I have wondered for some time where is Mrs.Biden and the Biden family. Like Hillary, who thought it was her turn in the Whitehouse, The desire for the prestige she would have as first lady, is overwhelming any health considerations for Mr. Biden. Friends and family who are promoting this travesty should be ashamed.

  7. And your so called President is corrupt, a liar,mentally incompetent,paranoid,racist,sexual deviant,braggart
    and on and on….his brain not functioning on anything or anyone unless it about him….Duh

  8. oh gee listen to you ….You are a staunch Republican Miss high and mighty! The people you support only care about the rich, are racist which I assume you are, and your so called President…OMG you think he’s the greatest? You probably do because you kept a lot of your tax money….Your party is disgusting and talk about evil? they do not care about the average American citizen, much less doing anything for them… He Paid off a HOOKER! and that is ok with you? He does nothing but exaggerate and lie every day! and that’s OK with you? He separated children from their parents and that’s OK with you? He got rid of the clean water act? on and on How the hell do you sleep at night? You can’t fix stupid….

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