Following President Trump’s Thursday night comments from the White House press room on voter fraud and other election irregularities, the Trump-loathing sock puppets of CNN — The Most Trusted Name in News™ as they ironically call themselves — dissolved into one of their complete meltdowns.

“AC360” host Anderson Cooper accused the president of behaving like “an obese turtle on his back, flailing in the hot sun, realizing his time is over,” adding that Trump “just hasn’t accepted it.”

Jim Acosta, CNN’s White House correspondent, shouted “sore loser” at the president as he was leaving the podium, reportedly asking Trump if he believed he was behaving like one. Trump ignored him.

As this Twitter user pointed out, it is the same Jim Acosta “who cries when Trump supporters chant CNN sucks.”

One person said she “missed when @Acosta asked Hillary Clinton or Stacey Abrams if they were sore losers all the times they [cried] about stolen elections.” Hillary is still whining about 2016, continuing to blame everyone and everything for her loss but herself.

Here’s how the segment began, after Trump finished his comments, as reported by NewsBusters:

The Lead and State of the Union host Jake Tapper went first after Trump finished speaking, proclaiming November 5 to have been “a sad night for the United States of America to hear their president say that, to falsely accuse people of trying to steal the election, to try to attack democracy that way with his feast of falsehoods.”

Cooper ruled: “I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this from a president of the United States, and I think as Jake said, it’s sad and it is truly pathetic, and of course, it is dangerous.” [Wait, “dangerous”? How so?]

Chief political correspondent Dana Bash replied that what Trump said was not only “illogical” and “nonsensical,” but he caused her to “hav[e] trouble kind of keeping it together after listening to the president of the United States saying what he just said.”

Fellow lefty political correspondent Abby Phillip lamented that Trump was “selfish[ly]” “trying to take the rest of the country” and America’s “voting system down with him.”

“This is a complete farce and a travesty and it’s incredible that he’s doing it from the White House,” she added.

Chief correspondent Gloria Borger chipped in, as well, accusing Trump of trying to “undermine Democracy in the United States,” adding: “It’s painful to those of us who love America” — at which point I spit water all over my screen. (Thanks for that, Gloria.)

Prior to Trump’s comments, Acosta wondered if there should “be a surgeon general warning” applied to Trump’s remarks because it wasn’t going to “be in line with the facts, may be hazardous to your democracy, may be hazardous to the counting of the votes.”

And after Trump was finished speaking? Acosta was hysterical, going on about how “what we listened to just a few moments ago from the president sounded an awful lot like an attack on American democracy,” and that “President Trump fired the first shot in this attack on our democracy.”

20 thoughts on “CNN Meltdown: Anderson Cooper and Jim Acosta Lose It on Air”
  1. So let me get this straight.
    We are being told to accept these results by the same people that NEVER accepted the results from. The last election?
    You just can’t make this shit up.
    A disgrace to the profession of journalism.

  2. You all suck the pople of this country will be the ones who suffer.we are split and hurting from no leader ship.why should they the rich get to file bankruptcy and take are tax dollars and wast them not nonleal pople who run our country. Can you say phoenix mart here come the Chinese pople.fuck all you policies for the help you give foren contrys

  3. does the white house have a basement where they can take biden and indoctrinate him when he is not on display-he will likely haveone of the shorter runs as president -before his mainspring pops-
    his legacy–
    biden speak and corruption-

  4. Cutie Anderson and ignorant Jimmy are two of con’s imbeciles. They are a disgrace to the human race. Cnn shows just how hateful the entire network is everything the are on air.

  5. How much of a chance did these vermin give their President in 2016?
    Absolutely ZILCH.
    How the hell do these rats sleep at night……..if indeed they do.When did THEY rise to the call for unity?
    These short memory hacks know NOTHING about allegiance to America?
    They are still in thrall to the treasonous, fake Obama…..
    Who NOW has a third disgusting term as he sits pulling the strings behind Biden……..his dum-ass puppet.
    MKe no mistake……..Muller and his. Ohorts could quite easily engineer a small push and Biden could topple into the abyss…….
    And the Muslim poofter and pathetic Harris will,reign…..
    And the call to prayer will engulf the land ……
    Oh! America, America………what HAVE you done?

  6. Jim Acosta and rest of cnn crew for 4 years showed nothing but disrespect to the office of the President weather you like him or not he is the President of the United States let’s see if you ask the President elect real questions and not what kind of ice cream he is eating

  7. Biden`s so called win is in direct conflict with everything America stands for and as we all know is in direct conflict with the constitution. It is a well known fact that the democrats hate the constitution because it will not take them where they want to go and as justice Ginsberg said, it is a nightmare to work with. The other reason that Biden`s so called win is such a travesty is that all the research that has gone in to Obama and Hillary`s treasonous acts by Bill Barr and Durham will be pushed under the carpet and never heard from again. They got away with it. And the third reason this is such a travesty is because Biden and Harris will allow globalism and the new world order to be brought in to America and tear apart our constitution piece by peace and destroy America. The people who voted for Biden know not what they have done. I could go much deeper but I think I have made my point.

  8. Listening tp CNN is surreal. Do they actually believe what they say? If so, they must be brainwashed. If not, it’s sad to see how advanced evil has established itself in our world in 2020. I find that the XYZ generations are not what the previous generations had hoped for. Youngsters today are not as kindhearted, generous, thoughtful etc etc etc all the wonderful qualifications we hope upon our children. These youngsters tend to be aggressive, somewhat vicious, uncaring etc etc etc in all the bad ways. Why? Because of video games, movies, internet? They seem to want what they want when they want it & have no patience in waiting. Spoiled & demanding. Have been rioting, looting, burning & destroying our monuments. They have no empathy, no respect. How can they treat another human being with such hatred & contempt? How can they be so disrespectful towards The President of the United States? They have no class. The Ugly American is what they project to the world. They can drop the American since they hate it so much n just be The Ugly.

  9. I am sick of these delusional Democrat theifs.THEY are the ones destroying America. THEY are the ones who have made this election a filthy joke to the country and the entire world. I truly wish these despotic assholes would just do this country a favor and shut their damn mouths and stop breathing. They are a waste of good air.

  10. It’s a sad day for American. America as we know it is dead! No more pipelines, no more coal mine workers no more cattlemen no more gun owners. We will be told how much beef a family can buy no more freedom. Our cattle will have to wear (excuse my language) fart bags because cows farts pollute the air before you know all animals will have to wear them wouldn’t surprise me if they make we the people wear them. We will become The United States of China. Our freedom is gone!
    Ok I heard people on the news say President Trump did nothing to stop the pandemic of Covid rewind to back when we first heard about!!!! He(Trump) closed ALL Boarders and flights. Some people (Democrats) had a fit and had them open back up!!!! He(Trump) quarantine everyone from USA coming back in to America and they had a fit (Democrats) said it was unfair and un American!! They (Democrats) fault him all the way!!!!
    Everything President Trump does they(Democrats) fight him on. Then they have the nerve to say he didn’t do enough! If they would have left Trump alone and done what he was doing it would not have gotten this bad!!!!

  11. CNN is nothing but tabloid fluff with crazy BS. This is further supported by the decline in their ratings. The totals have not been certified yet due to the many reported misconduct by poll workers and officials. We the people deserve to know the currently reported numbers reflect the true results. Whom ever the winner they do not take office until January 20th, 2021. Therefore Donald J Trump is still our President.

  12. Do you people hear yourselves? If the tables were reversed and all of these irregularities were occurring in Republican controlled states, the left would be demanding recounts, filing lawsuits and much, much worse—instigating riots, calling out Antifa, etc. If you deny it, you’re an outright liar. The reason you’re not seeing riots from the right is because we’re civilized, and government isn’t our god. We actually have a real God, and someday we’ll all have to answer to Him, including you. Good luck with that!

  13. Poor baby’s … their pussys must hurt big time . Their help in trying to fix the election didn’t work and now they cry like little bitchs … bless their hearts . Get a set of balls bitchs and Try being real newsmen for once in your life . I wonder what was offered to CNN for turning against the president the USA . For What price do you sell your soul . So many traitors in our government and country who sold out for the money . Face it no one go’s this far for nothing in return . So CNN what is your price for selling out like the pussys you are ??? I only hope the retarded left turns on you and attacks your building and homes then go’s after you personally. Dumb ass’s . your 10 times worse then what you try saying trump is . At least he has a set of balls and will tell you to your face , not run like a barking dog yapping at their betters . Time for you to go sit back down on the porch little dog , the big dogs are moving in . If you can’t do your job right , step a side and let the real men do the hard work . Seems you pussys can’t

  14. Thank you Karen for those well thought out remarks. My sentiments exactly.!! We are as Republicans civilized, we do realize that government is not our God, and politics are only part of our lives and not the whole , and we realize that our God is STILL IN CONTROL and always will be. We will not act as spoiled babies as happened with the Democrats for the past 4 years but rather with dignity and show the world the real way it is done.!!

  15. Read your posts people. Did someone here mentioned class? Looks like supporters are worthy of the president. Can someone here explain to me how the lifestyle, behavior or communication of our current president reflects any of the christian or conservative values?

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