April 19, 2021

How Will History Remember Trump?

Donald Trump Bust

Contemporary perceptions of our Presidents tend to change as the American culture pitches and yaws in the winds of time. We have seen the much-maligned President Reagan emerge as one of the most popular and beloved Presidents of the Twentieth Century.

Conversely, the rise of the radical left has had a reverse effect – dragging down the reputations (and statues) of our Founding Fathers.  People like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are going through a political postmortem by the radical left.

In most cases, the calmer evaluation of posterity tends to view things with greater objectivity – away from the hot cauldron of the political zeitgeist of these times.

There are two analyses that suggest a better review of Trump than seen in today’s headlines.  First, is the judgment that Trump was more maligned by an aggressive and corrupt news media than any President in American history – including the much-maligned Abraham Lincoln.

This led to the second issue – Trump’s accomplishments as President.  Though almost totally ignored or demeaned by the elitist news media, a more objective historic analysis will find that despite the obsessive criticism, he accomplished a lot.

The Trump presidency is a departure from his recent predecessors in that he was not only NOT a member of the Washington establishment, he came to town to break its grip on power.  That was the swamp to which he often referred. That is what brought about the extreme backlash – the unprecedented #NeverTrump Resistance Movement.

Whether you call it “the establishment,” “the deep state,” “the bureaucracy” or “the old guard” makes no difference.  Trump’s popularism was opposed to the increasing arrogance and power of the left-wing Washington ruling class – a culture that coalesces power-hungry elected officials, an entrenched bureaucracy and a flagrantly biased news media.

The effort to “not normalize” Trump – meaning never saying a kind work or giving him any credit for positive accomplishments – created an unfairly dark picture of the man, his administration and all who supported him to any degree.  Future historians will not be part of the anti-Trump movement.  They will analyze Trump’s accomplishments and his failures with a more independent perspective – and with a fairer historic analysis of the corrupt role played by the elitist news industry.

Just as President Nixon won later acclaim for his opening relations with China, Trump will get credit for his Middle East policies that resulted in the removal of most American combat troops, the crushing of the ISIS califate, and the negotiation of peace treaties between Israel and three Arab nations.

Trump will get credit for his Warp Speed Program that produced and distributed a Covid-19 vaccine in record time.  Trump’s re-positioning the federal courts with a record number of appointments – including three to the Supreme Court – will be seen as a major impact of the American judiciary – even if Democrats later attempt to pack the courts.

Trump’s criminal reform legislation ended the great injustice against mostly minority males produced by the 1990s crime legislation of President Clinton — with the sponsorship of then-Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Biden.

History may also judge his loss quite differently.  There will be a re-assessment of the amount of vote fraud that actually occurred in the 2020 General Election.  The controversy over the election is bound to go forward – and a more objective historical review is likely to see the corruption that has been exposed by Republican advocates – and so vehemently denied today by those on the left.

As a political force, most would agree that Trump was highly successful tapping into the heart of the American people with his America First populism in a way that few presidents could.

Driven by contemporary obsessive hatred for Trump – and by extension, all Republicans – the power-craving political left abhors the idea that Trump could receive even a semblance of positive analysis of his presidency.  But that is wishful thinking.  They will not be around to offer their pre-conditioned opinions of the Trump years in the White House.

So, there ‘tis.