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Carlson: Republicans Hate Their Own Voters

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson said on Thursday went off on some GOP lawmakers saying the riot at the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters was racist. Some Republican officials are even calling for the removal of Trump from office as a result of the chaos.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host questioned what was so racist about the group of people storming the Capitol Building. He argued that the “main problem” in the GOP is that the money class, much like across the country, “sneer” at the lower class.

Carlson said Trump embraced the lower class, but Republican leaders hate that group. He called on Republican leadership to “wake up” and “push back” against the crackdown on civil liberties in the United States.

Here is part of the transcript:

“This afternoon, a group of Republican staffers on Capitol Hill, lawyers who work for Republican elected officials texted each other and concluded that actually now that we think about it, yesterday’s protest rally really was racist. Yes, it was racist. Those are the people protecting you.

With bodyguards like this, tens of millions of Americans have no chance. They’re about to be crushed by the ascendant left. The people say, oh, I don’t think they should be able to fly on airplanes. What country is this?

These people need a defender. You need a defender. Why is no one defending them? The main problem – and this really is the main problem — on the right, anyway, the people who run the Republican Party don’t really like their own voters and they especially don’t want the voters that Trump brought.

Trump brought the party’s ranks noticeably downscale from the country club to the trailer park as they often sneer, and this horrifies them. Many Republicans in Washington now despise the people they’re supposed to represent and protect.

And by the way, it is not just Republican leaders who feel this way, it’s our entire leadership class. It is everyone in charge. You rarely hear it spoken out loud, but this is the truth: a very specific form of intra-white loathing at the core of the reaction to Donald Trump.

Here is what it is: nothing is more repulsive to socially anxious white professionals than working class people who look like them. Proles are their single greatest fear; they remind them of where they may have come from, or where they could be going if things turn south.

So, if you want to understand the hatred, the real hatred, not just disagreement, but gut-level loathing and fear of Trump, in say, New York or Washington or LA, you’ve got to understand that first.

It’s not really Trump, it is his voters. The new money class despises them.

Trump didn’t despise them, and that really was his secret in the end. He didn’t have much in some ways, but Donald Trump did not judge his own voters. In real life, Trump actually ate McDonald’s, that’s true, and they knew it was true and they were very grateful for it. And you’d be grateful for it too if everyone else hated you.

Pretty soon, like 13 days from now, these voters — tens of millions of them — will not have Donald Trump to protect them, they won’t have anyone. And unless the Republican Party decides to wake up and push back against the lies in progress and acknowledge the purpose of those lies, which is an unprecedented crackdown on the way you live, you will have no chance either.”



  1. Tucker Carlson is a quack. These people were rioters, and traitors to the United States. Let him get his head out of his a$$. Trump is a traitor to the constitution and the United States. Whatever he’s done in the last 4 years has been self serving.

  2. Tucker is right on. If Trump wants to get the military to protect us I am for it. I know as aa veteran I will happily be available as I was taught by General Westmorland that we kill the enemy where ever we find them. I’ve know for a long time who they are and I think we better stop them now because it is only going to get worse. These corrupt republicans are really no different than the democrats. Look at Romney and then Yesterday I saw Graham act like an ass on the capitol floor. After sucking up to Trump and then showing the Judas he really is.

  3. I agree with the sentiment Tucker Carlson. The Senate Republicans are blind and deaf, to there supporters, hearing and seeing only big money $$$$$ from there corporate donors, and and old wealthy donors. It’s time for all republican voters to wake up. McConnell and his ass wipes in the republican senate are pure greed and weak old white men. Message to the republican Senate. You lost control of the Senate, for your deafness and blindness to the people that voted you into office. Go sit at the back of the Senate floor, Democrats do not need you for fuck!

  4. We’re in trouble now that Bidens in office. Just remember y’all that voted for him will suck sorrow, as well as the Trump supporters. So good luck, and say I told you so.

  5. I Love Tucker, watch him every chance I get,he’s so smart, he needs to run for President, would have my vote. He is the best news anchor, him and Hannity!

  6. Tucker is right . I received a million request from politicians wanting money for their campaigns . Well “piss “ on them . They don’t care about us at all . We need to vote every one one of them out of office , starting with the traitors in house better known as the squad and can’t forget the speaker of the house , pencil neck , and Geriatic Nadler .

  7. It is dismaying to see the country so polarised. With those who seek the better before they have secured the good causing most of the problem. Remember those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

  8. Repubs have gone liberal and are much like Dems. They want our money, but don’t want to serve us. There is no one leading the Repub party. McConnell gave in to the liberal establishment long ago and he is not strong enough to be helpful to a good leader like President Donald Trump.

  9. I totally agree with Joseph. His comment on January 8,2021 at 6:22 PM is RIGHT ON! Republicans better wake up!!

  10. People should take a long look at history and then compare it to where we are now because history is about to be repeated only on a different continent ours

  11. I like Tucker Carlson and he’s right on what he says. He’s patriotic and Ali g with Lou dobbs and levin. I guess us white american citizen are the minority. The party of hate disgust me and I loathe every one of those monsters who are not even human. 😩 Ugh!! Drain the swamp so.meday. we need to FIGHT for our liberty. Puke pelosi and the guvnas yuk!

  12. Get rid of the communists. We need to fight back and Tucker Carlson is far from senile. He’s the best and Lou dobbs and levin! Voices for us. I loathe the left, I can’t stand them. They’ve ruined our country. All a bunch of overgrown spoiled monsters. Inhumane and stupid. The party of hate they are.


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