The 92-year-old grandmother of the “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett took the witness stand on his behalf at his sentencing on Thursday, criticizing the media and telling the judge that if Smollett went to prison, she wanted to go with him.

“I ask you, judge, not to send him to prison,” the woman said from the stand. Then, she wagged a finger at the bench.

“And if you do,” she told the judge, “send me along with him, okay? Thank you, your honor.”

Her entreaty didn’t work. The judge sentenced Smollett to 150 days jail for four felony counts of lying to the police about the non-existent attack on a Chicago street in January, 2019.

The actor was led into a rear door to the courtroom alone, except for the court officers escorting him. 

“I am not suicidal!” he shouted on his way out. “And I am innocent. I could have said I was guilty a long time ago.”

Speaking on his behalf before the sentence was handed down, Molly Smollett called her grandson a “justice warrior” who had donated his time to helping the fight against AIDS and working for voting rights.

She said the man she knew and loved did not match the media’s portrayal of him.

“I’m talking about you guys,” she said to the press in the courtroom.

“You have not done a good job of investigative reporting. You have got to do better,” she added.

The actor appeared to tear up and put his hand over his heart as his grandmother took the stand as one of four character witnesses asking the sentencing judge for leniency.

Smollett, 39, was convicted in December of five felony counts of disorderly conduct. He had been charged in connection with filing false police reports saying he had been the victim of a racist and homophobic attack.

Others who spoke of his behalf included Smollett’s brother and two of his closest friends, one of them Richard Daniels, 61, who met the actor while he was the music director for “Empire.” 

Smollett had faced anywhere from probation to three years in prison. Prosecutors asked for some prison time and that he pay back some of the $130,000 in police overtime wasted on investigating his attack claims.

Original Article: Jussie Smollett’s 92-year-old grandmother blasts the media at his sentencing and asks the judge to send her to prison too if he goes

7 thoughts on “Video: Jussie’s Jewish Grandmother Begs Judge Not To Send Him To Jail”
  1. Smollett should be ashamed of himself that his grandmother would have to take the stand and beg for him to get out of his lying fake hate crime! He must have a split personality cuz she doesn’t think this is the same person she has known? His obscene outburst after sentencing certainly points to some mental condition and a mental evaluation should have been added to his sentencing!

  2. Smollett is such an arrogant person , his sentence is too mild for this attention craving man ..What he did was inexcusable and could have started riots. The way he behaved after the sentencing was disgusting ! I do not feel sorry for him , one little bit !

  3. The problem is with our system of Justice (??). He should have received a sentence long ago and been done with it. Too much time is often wasted on these attention seeking freaks and real crime goes unpunished because the system is too busy with this trash.

  4. This clown is one of the primary reasons race relations in this country are in such shambles. He deserves every punishment he receives. The news outlets need to do their due diligence before publishing this shit as gospel. Unfortunately, they take the woke stance without asking any questions and this is why they have absolutely no credibility left.

  5. Unfortunately most of the news outlets are spouting the opinions of the (so-called) reporters. Typically whichever reporter that makes the report the most outlandish is considered the best. This is like judging a new TV show by the number of times or how soon a woman shows her breast. Poor rating if never and high ratings if frequent. Neither adds to the content of the show or if it is even relevant. People are bored and like entertainment. I actually think we were better off with listening to the radio. The same goes for these little comment sections we are reading now. Entertaining but not informative or likely truth. This is what we have and it will not improve or change. We just need to do our own research from whatever resources we feel comfortable with.

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