Billy Chemirmir, a 48-year-old illegal alien accused of murdering 24 elderly Americans, has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole in Dallas County, Texas.

Following a jury trial that wrapped late last week, Chemirmir was convicted of murdering 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris — just one of his alleged 24 elderly victims whom he is accused of murdering, stealing from, and then selling their belongings online from April 2016 to April 2018.

Chemirmir is believed to be Texas’s deadliest serial killer.

As part of his conviction, Chemirmir was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Now, Chemirmir will be tried for the murder of 88-year-old Mary Brooks in Dallas County. He will also likely face murder trials in Collin County, Texas.

The conviction came after Chemirmir’s last trial was declared a mistrial when one juror on the 12-member jury ensured that the case’s verdict remained “hopelessly deadlocked,” according to the jury.

Chemirmir’s 24 alleged victims are:

  • 83-year-old Leah Corken
  • 82-year-old Juanita Purdy
  • 88-year-old Mary Brooks
  • 84-year-old Minnie Campbell
  • 82-year-old Ann Conklin
  • 75-year-old Rosemary Curtis
  • 85-year-old Norma French
  • 92-year-old Doris Gleason
  • 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris
  • 81-year-old Carolyn MacPhee
  • 81-year-old Miriam Nelson
  • 91-year-old Phyllis Payne
  • 94-year-old Phoebe Perry
  • 80-year-old Martha Williams
  • 82-year-old Joyce Abramowitz
  • 87-year-old Glenna Day
  • 89-year-old Solomon Spring
  • 90-year-old Doris Wasserman
  • 86-year-old Margaret White
  • 79-year-old Diana Delahunty
  • 93-year-old Mamie Dell Miya
  • 86-year-old Catherine Probst Sinclair
  • 90-year-old Marilyn Bixler
  • An 81-year-old “Jane Doe”

Soon after Chemirmir’s arrest in May 2019, Breitbart News exclusively reported that Chemirmir, born in Kenya, first arrived in the U.S. on a B-2 tourist visa in July 2003. Though Chemirmir was supposed to only temporarily be in the U.S., he overstayed his visa and became an illegal alien who was eligible for deportation.

Rather than being deported — thus making him ineligible to ever secure legal status in the U.S. — Chemirmir was able to use a loophole in the nation’s legal immigration system, allowing him to obtain a green card after marrying an American citizen. In November 2007, Chemirmir was approved for a green card.

Chemirmir had a criminal record, Breitbart News exclusively learned, including convictions for drunk driving, trespassing, assault, and obstructing a police officer.

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4 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Sentenced for Killing 24 Elderly Americans”
  1. WHY WAS HE GIVEN A GREEN CARD???? A green card is given to people who are deemed valuable future citizens and have exemplarity records. This guy was/had neither. Was it because he was black??? Marrying a U.S. Citizen does not exempt one from the moral qualifications of the immigration law. This is another excellent example of where our government is failing to protect U.S. Citizens

  2. America needs to stop letting in any foreign “peoples”!!!! The laws need to radically change, especially now. This black POS needs to get the death sentence, life was far too hospitable!!!
    Well, maybe in prison the inmates will take care of that.

  3. The question to ask is: ‘Under whose presidency was he given that Green Card that made it possible for him to kill elderly people in Texas”? Under which Secretary of the Boarder was he granted this card? They should be right by that killers side and shoulder their share of the blame! The United States is turning into a country of drugs, thugs, aliens, sex slaves, drug cartels, drug runners and unwanted children from southg of the boarder! We have not been united about anything since Biden was elected and put other sick minded people in high places. Our next president will have his hands full just shutting down all the rich people laws this president has made and getting America back on its feet. When are people going to open their eyes and see that what is happening is not good for the middle and low income people. As seniors we are having an especially hard time because our check stay the same, they don’t go up by more than a few dollars every so many years. We sure don’t get the $15 an hour to fight inflation and here are all these people who say they are for us!!! PLEASE!! You are only for yourselves and Communism. Why can’t you move to a vacant Island and distroy that instead of our country. Every time any of you, the left, open your mouth you distroy more of America. If you don’t like FREE SPEACH or PEOPLE BEING ARMED FOR PROTECTION then why don’t you leave insted of your distruction against people who do believe in our Constitution!.

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