Amidst epically low approval ratings, a new poll says that only 18% of Americans, regardless of pollical affiliation, believe that President Joe Biden should run for a second term. 

The news that less than one-fifth of all Americans believe that Biden should run again in 2024 must be a devastating blow to a man that has worked for most of his life to attain the White House, but who has also been upside down on his approval ratings ever since attaining the Oval Office.

The Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that a meager 18 percent of American adults think Biden should mount another run for the White House in 2024, with 64 percent arguing that he should drop out and let another contender take on Republicans that November. 

The survey polled nearly 1,700 adults earlier in this month. The number of adults supportive of another Biden run has fallen by seven points since May.

If he declines to run for re-election, Biden would become the first president to do so since Democrat Lyndon Johnson in 1968. For now, Biden says he has every intention of running again despite his dwindling support event among members of his own party.

Biden will be 82 just after the conclusion of the 2024 race, but his age is not the only reason for the lack of confidence by voters. Biden’s failure to bring down gas prices and to curb inflation have most Americans disgusted with his performance as president.

His dwindling poll numbers also reflect his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and his failure to make good on a number of promises he made on the campaign trail – including to unite the country which stands more divided now than ever! 

6 thoughts on “Biden 2024: What Americans Have to Say”
  1. Biden’s failure to bring down gas prices and to curb inflation have most Americans disgusted with his performance as president. That is not the main reason the main reason is that he is a LIAR nothing he says is the truth and his party have disgraced America and turned Communist.

  2. All Democrats should be ashamed for letting Joe Biden become President, especially Jill Biden. Maybe she cared more about Hunter’s money than Joe’s health. Every politician knew Joe Biden’s mind was slipping. All Americans knew that his record in office was a “do nothing” record. I am a Christian and God sets up our leaders and God takes them down. I believe God’s word. Until Joe Biden, I did not know how far down America had gone. I first noticed with the Democrat mayor of Portland and how he allowed rioting, looting and destruction to his city to make a democrat party point against Donald Trump. Then the democrats start on our police officers to defund them. The judgment of God begins in the houses of God as we saw church after church bring their evil to the light. God is showing us that it matters what we are becoming and God is bringing evil to the light with our leaders. I’m not just picking on Nancy Pelosi, but my grandma would have called her a “brazen hussy.” All leaders doing evil, get ready to be exposed.

  3. He Joe Biden is not qualified for the job says one thing does another,misleads the American people more willing to help anyone from a foreign country than his own people.
    U S A can no longer be the big dog on the porch and Joe is mostly the cause

  4. joe is in early stage of alzheimers and should not complete term in office but alternative is just as bad so we are stuck with what we have-can only hope that house and senateare GOP majority in nov.

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