Nothing to see here . . . just upstanding individuals upholding the law as enforced by District Attorney Gascon. The Soros-backed DA is subject of yet another recall attempt in California — unfortunately falling short 50,000 signatures. You might be aware of the successful recall of DA Chesa Boudin in San Francisco. California has seen its grocery and convenience stores devolve into absolute chaos. The liberal utopia is testing the nerves of its residents as people are leaving in droves.

Credit: @streetpeopleLA
3 thoughts on “Shocking Scene in Liberal Utopia”
  1. Is everyone in California a coward? This only stops when citizens take their city back from these punk ass thugs. Do they not understand that their costs go up every time they stand idly by and watch this garbage? The police are under such stress and scrutiny that they simply cannot be everywhere at all times. We need to unite and stand against such ridiculous actions. Over 3 million jobs available and in California at a minimum wage of 15 dollars an hour. Yet these punks just take while you work to pay your way. I simply can not understand why anyone would just stand there and let their communities be destroyed. Weakness is not a virtue and tolerance only applies to law abiding citizens. Silence is consent

  2. La La land is full of misfits–Keep them all there!. We in the real america love to watch perverts destroy themselves with drugs,booze and rock & roll sex.Keep up the good work

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