Extinction Rebellion activists are being paid as much as 450 euros-a-week to lead protests that have brought disorder and confusion to cities across Britain, new reports have revealed.

Green extremist activists working for the organization have been paid nearly 230,000 euros since the protest movement began last fall, the Daily Mail reports.

Following the widespread mayhem that the group brought to London last week, a Conservative MP has called on the HM Revenue and Customs – Britain’s tax-collecting agency – to initiate an investigation into the protest movement’s tax affairs.

It is said that the far-left group worries that it may face a tax bill in the six-figure range if the money they’ve paid out to activists, which has been listed as ‘expenses’, is regarded as payment for work done on the behalf of Extinction Rebellion.

Although the majority of Extinction Rebellion protesters being unpaid activists, journalists at the Daily Mail assert that they’ve seen dossier of files within XR that, among other things, shows expenses from 168 activists.

The dossier has also revealed that Extinction Rebellion activists: have been paid more than 230,000 euros since the protest movement began, that activists are seeking out ‘high net worth individuals’ for more funding, and that the cost of payments grown by ‘at least 45,000 euros a month’.

In the last week of protests, more than 1,100 green extremist activists have been arrested.

3 thoughts on “Extremist Group ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Paid 450 Euro-A-Week”
  1. I used to believe in climate change, now after researching and finding no evidence, I know that it’s a globalist hoax. People are being paid to cause problems and spread this fraud on society. I also call for an investigation into Extinction Rebellion’s tax affairs.

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