President Joe Biden has managed to have the best midterm election results for Democrats since 1998. This is especially important as the “red wave” that Republicans had widely anticipated did not materialize.

While there are still many seats in both the House and Senate for which the results have not yet been called for, the Democrats have managed to retain many of their seats in battleground territories. Still, the GOP is in the lead for the lower chamber.

In the Senate, the Democrats have so far won 48 seats, while the Republicans have 49. There are still two outstanding results, one in Arizona and one in Nevada, as well as a runoff election in Georgia that will take place next month. It is up to these three elections to show which party is going to be winning the Senate majority.

In Pennsylvania, one of the key races for the Senate, Democrat John Fetterman beat Trump-endorsed Republican Dr Mehmet Oz, managing to flip the seat for the Democrats.

Before the election, the Democrats with 50 senators had the majority because of the vice president’s vote. If somehow the Democrats lose all three of the battleground elections, then they will still have only lost 2 seats in the Senate. In comparison during Barack Obama’s run, they lost nine seats in 2014 and six in 2010. In 2010, Obama had also lost 63 seats in the House.

As such, the current midterm elections have been one of the most successful runs that Democrats have had while being in power since 1998.

2 thoughts on “Biden Breaks 24 Year Record”
  1. CHEATING because you can’t do anything else.. leaving dead people on the ballets. Mail in voting that’s the only way Fetterman won waited up until early mail ins we’re cast and then did debate. The sad thing here is you all think that we are all as Stupid and Gullible as some of the useless Republicans they know who they are. But you will go down Biden I want to see you cuffed to that useless kid you call your son.

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