A new NBC News poll released Sunday has shown that currently only 34 percent of voters still hold a favorable view of Trump. In contrast, 54 percent have said they have a negative view of Trump. This is one of his lowest ratings, with his actual lower rating being in 2021 when his favorability had dropped to 32 percent.

Since last month his favorability dropped from 36 percent. This was only a 2 percentage point decrease. At the same time, current President Biden’s approval scores have increased with 45 percent now approving of his work.

The percentage of voters that currently disapproves of Biden has also gone down by 3 percentage points as it has now reached 52 percent.

In other questions in the poll, the answers varied. When asked about the investigations surrounding Trump 56 percent said that the investigations should continue while 41 percent were in support of stopping the investigations.

The poll came after an FBI raid into Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago showed that the former President held in his estate several government documents of varying classifying markets. In total, more than 300 documents were retrieved from the search. The investigation has led to varying responses from people across the political spectrum as it has not yet been fully determined what all of the documents related to.

12 thoughts on “Trump Loses Major Support”
  1. NBC??? This is all lies and treasonous propaganda! Biden can’t even get a High School gymnasium filled and Trump fills stadiums like he just did in Ohio! Get real you paid off slugs in the mud!

  2. I took a poll at my house. We voted 100% to vote Republician again. I trust my poll much more then some poll conducted by unnamed people in some unnamed location and responding to pro-democrate questions.
    My questions: Are you worse off today then when we had a Republician president???
    Will you vote Republician again??
    Did you answered these questions (yes)
    Simple and honest poll.
    100% yes and yes.

  3. What a bunch of BS…Dems create the lies and the “fake” media follows suit.
    Dems are destroying this country. If Dems win ( with another cheat election) were doomed.

  4. Wow what a bunch of BS. Fake News once again lying. The Fake news lied for 6 years on the polls and we know that as online polls are by the thousands and ALWAYS HAD TRUPM WINNING ..Like the fake polls for 2 years, Hillary had a 90 Percent chance of winning ,actually she didn’t have a 9 percent chance of winning and the online polls said Trump had a 80 percent chance of winning and we know now who lied in that polls . Trump won that time despite their cheating..Same old Same old lose at everything Democrats. Over and Over they cheat and lie.and the country is a disaster under their rotten leadership.. You have to be Blind not to see this disaster.. Highest crime in history, highest, unemployment , Highest inflation and Trump had the BEST OF EVERYTHING till Traitor Joe destroyed everything on purpose and pushed experimental drug that killed and hurt people Double the people died under him then Trump.but Joey said he would do better and knew how to stop it???.. Per Pew Report, TV polls are only 500-1,500 people.and it looks like they polled the 16 percent CHUCK TODD( a lefty_) said is the percentage of people who thinks this country is heading in the right direction..and this is .OUT OF DEMOCRATS AND REPUBlICANs. HERE SOME REAL facts DEMOCRATS have lost 2 million voters since Trump got in in 2016 and are no longer the dominate party…Trump did not lose the 2020 election as he had 83 MILLION VOTES Biden barely got in the 60 million . Wisconson Lady County, Arizona Marcopa county and Texas all signed a RESOLUTION stating after checking their results in the 2020 ELECTION JOE BIDEN IS NOT THE LEGITIMATE WINNER…in other words he is still the loser he always been in the last 47 years..

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